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There is a common misconception that private jets are only available for the top 1%. The Bill Gates, the Warren Buffets, the Beyonces, and Jay-Zs. However, numerous private aviation companies are trying to make private jet flying more accessible and affordable for drivers who are not millionaires and billionaires. This way, they can expand their customer base and increase the overall need and accessibility for private jets.

Companies that are working toward this possibility include JetSuite, Blade, and JetSmarter. This system, however, works a bit differently and more favorably than commercial flying on a much larger plane.

Fliers can arrive just a few minutes before their departure time, as they do not have to deal with the Transportation Security Administration, checking bags, waiting in lines, and finding their terminal. Instead of flying out of large commercial airports, they are flying out of small, private airports, which quickly takes away the stress of airports and turns it into a more comfortable, personable environment.

This fantasy can be made a reality by taking advantage of last-minute deals for private jet charters within the United States. These, one way, cost between $500 and $2,000, thus making it quite affordable and comparable in price to other, less comfortable, transportation options. This price continues to drop. According to research done by Virtuoso, a luxury travel network, the price for flying in private jets fell 13% from 2014-2016 and had gone done even more since then. This correlated with the 10% more Americans who chose to fly via private jet, thus suggesting that the drop in price resulted in more customers choosing this option.

There are more ways to make flying private even cheaper that JetSmarter is taking advantage of through its app. Members who book private jets can post the details of their flight on an iPhone app so that other members can by seats for the route and reduce the individual cost. If all the seats are filled, the person who created the course gets the flight for free. This is sort of like the equivalent of Uber ride-sharing, minus the part where you have to stop at every other stop en route.

This new mode of transportation and traveling holds many exciting prospects. It offers to provide optimal comfort and convenience, at a lowering cost. It provides incredibly personable routes and takes away the hassle of airports. And, on top of all the benefits, it is undoubtedly just plain cool to have the opportunity and accessibility to fly in a private jet.